Studio or in home newborn photography

Heading out with your baby might seem a bit too much in the first few weeks, so why not book an in-home session. I’m fully mobile across Auckland.

I offer professional printing and albums as an optional extra.

Call or text Gina for more information – 021 2087232

Mobile newborn photographer from Wellsford to Manukau

When to book

Your newborn session can be booked months in advance or after the birth depending on available space. We use your due date as a placeholder and once your baby has been born we can then book in a proper date and time.  I ask my new parents to text me within the first few days so I can shuffle appointments and make space in my diary

What’s the best time for your session

The best time to do a Newborn shoot is within the first 10 days, this is the time when they are asleep more than they are awake and are happy to be molded into those cute squished up poses. This is not to say that we can’t get them to sleep if they are older than 10 days, as we certainly can. It can just take a little longer depending on the baby. By the time your appointment rolls around you may not be feeling up to it. Do not be afraid to reschedule!! (I know what it’s like!)

Why Choose Evermore?

When you choose to do a Newborn shoot with Evermore you are choosing me Gina a mother of three. I understand what it’s like to be a mum and I have a knack with settling baby’s. You and your baby’s comfort and safety are my highest priority.

In home or studio?

Most of my new parents opt for an In home session. You and your family are far more relaxed in your own home.  You don’t need to be worried about how tidy your home is (I have three kids!!). I will not be photographing your house. I bring everything I need. For the premium session I come with suitcases of props and blankets so you don’t miss out on choice.

There are no additional advantages to doing your newborn shoot in the studio but you are always more than welcome to pick this option. My cozy studio is in the heart of Orewa.

During your session

The first thing I do is bring in all the props and set up. I talk to you about what sort of photos you like and the things that are really important to you. I will normally settle the baby and pose her/him. This can take time depending on the baby. I may need the baby to be held while I set up new backgrounds. The whole session will really be dictated by your baby and I just work with what they want to do. For example some baby’s may be quite windy so don’t like to be laid on their tummy or some hate to be wrapped. I have a general set of images I try to get every session but I love to get creative and make your images original and reflect your family.

Who can be in the photos

The photo shoot is yours so I’m happy to include any family and fur babies that you wish.

Flaky/spotty baby skin

This is 100% normal!  Don’t be worried about your baby’s skin. Almost all the baby’s I photograph have to have blemishes removed if that’s what you want.

What session should I book

This is very much a personal preference and I’m happy to help you decide. Here are the two sessions below


A classic session is a lovely simple photo shoot about you and your new family member. No props are used and babies are kept dressed in a simple sleeveless plain bodysuit. The photos of the baby alone are taken on the bed with a plain bedspread. The family photos are either done on the bed, against a blank wall or mix of both.

A classic newborn shoot can be done at any age but generally the first few weeks are best.  Click here to view a classic gallery


The premium session comes with all the blankets, wraps, headbands and hats. The 2hr session allows time for settling and multiple poses. You can include as many or as little props as you like. At the beginning of the shoot we talk about the colours you would like to use and you have full control of the style. Click here to view a premium gallery

The family photos are either done on the bed, against a blank wall or a mix of both.

Preferable premium newborn photos are taken within the first 10 days while your baby is still very sleepy and can easily be molded into cute curled up poses.


Want to book or need more info?

Just fill in the form below and we can get the ball rolling. Want a super quick answer?? Text Gina anytime 021 2087232


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Babies six to twelve month

This is such a cute stage to capture. Have a look at some of our session for this age here – Cake smash / Sitter sessions

Capturing Photos with beautiful energy

Auckland Newborn Photography

Gina Brumby – Auckland Newborn Photographer

There is nothing more precious than the birth of a child.

Newborn photography is a wonderful record of this magical time. So as a mother of three and trained newborn photographer I’d love to be part of this beautiful milestone. The best time to capture your newborn photography is within the first ten days of birth. Because your baby will be asleep more than they are awake and are happy to be carefully molded into cute poses. Don’t worry if your baby is awake and you can’t get them to sleep, as an experienced newborn photographer I have tips and tricks to get them nodding off in no time.

Your Newborn Photography Session should be relaxed and stress free

My aim as a baby photographer is to keep each photo shoot relaxed and stress free for everyone involved. I take my time and make sure I get a beautiful selection of photographs for you to choose from. Best of all I know how to keep your baby safe while posing them. So I can create the cute newborn photographs you will love. There is no need to worry about your baby’s skin either as all baby photography includes subtle editing to remove the little blemishes or red areas.

Studio or In Home

You can come visit my bright, warm photography studio just 25 minutes from Auckland city or have your newborn photography done in your own home. Because I am fully mobile across Auckland you can let me bring my studio to you for an at home newborn photography session. All I need is some space in a naturally lit room. Make sure to heat the house, as the baby will be naked most of the time. With my mobile photography studio I will bring everything I need including props and backdrops, but if there’s a cute outfit or prop of yours you want them photographed in just let me know

Call Today

Newborn photography is a wonderful way to capture their tiny little toes and sleepy expressions, your baby will only be this small for such a short time, call today to find out more or to book ~ Gina 0212087232.

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